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Why do you need Soft play

Why do you need Soft play?

Ask any parent what they want for their child, and they’ll tell you one thing: They want them to be happy, have fun learning, plus play in a safe environment. Surely, you feel the same? That’s why we created SoftPlay, providing parents with a simple way to keep their new-borns and toddlers giggling and happy.

Are you expecting a bundle of joy? Have a new-born or toddler? Perhaps you run a school, preschool, nursery, playgroup, soft-play commercial area – you name it. Whatever the case, SoftPlay is all you need. We’ve got:

Ball Pools
• Creative Activity Options
• Soft-Play Shapes and Mats
• Safety Pads
• Educational Toys
• Rugby Training
• …And so much more!

We proudly offer high-quality, minus the traditional high price-tag – with superior products that place your child’s safety at the heart of the proposition. Everything is lovingly handmade in the UK, designed and manufactured in our factory.

Based in West Yorkshire, we offer the LARGEST selection of kids’ soft-play products to our valued local, national AND international clients.

We know what matters to you as a parent:

Great product choices
A well-established company you can trust
Fast delivery

Speaking of delivery, we offer FREE mainland UK postage!

With so much to gain on this exciting journey of parenthood, why wait? Sign up today and become part of not just a community, but a family.

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