26 Mar 2018
Mar 26 2018

Baby activity play floor newborn tummy time mat Each kid is a blessing and a real treasure that really needs being treated with additional care. In contrast to adults, little ones have Zero experience with life and have no knowledge about security precautions. As a responsible dad or[…]

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3 Mar 2018
Mar 3 2018

Why do you need Soft play? Ask any parent what they want for their child, and they’ll tell you one thing: They want them to be happy, have fun learning, plus play in a safe environment. Surely, you feel the same? That’s why we created SoftPlay, providing parents[…]

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22 Oct 2016
Oct 22 2016

After three days of rain, stories, colouring books, toddler tantrums and CBeebies, I could take no more. My house was covered in stickers and the kids were playing a new game called ‘Who Can Make Mummy Swear First’. I had run out of biscuits and patience. I had[…]

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